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Aktualisiert: 3. Sept 2019

We are Chernarus' Most Wanted

We are a bandit military organization that was founded based around the game DayZ and we have been active for almost 4 years now. We have members from USA, Germany, Norway, UK, Slovenia and more throughout the world. We have a rank system, and if you spend enough time in CMW you can run your own squad and more. Promotions are earned by activity and being loyal to the group. There are some things you will need to learn upon joining and running with CMW. We have rules you will have to follow and you will have to learn our ways. We are strict with our rules and are an adult community. You can view everything from our discord. If your interested in joining us, please contact us in our discord and we can get you through the recruitment process. You can click the link below or click our logo at the top. If you cannot get access to our discord due it being closed, you can contact us on steam by going to the link below and clicking on the buttons to get direct links to our steam page.